Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wonka - A Misanthropic POV

If you want to see paradise,You need to meet a greedy eccentric millionaire at his big factory staffed by ethnically monotheistic immigrants, who got rich contributing to childhood obesety.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A radical leftist take on the Beverly hillbillies

Allow me to present the case of an adult male named Jed, a man of inadequate education, unsatisfied by the means availed to him, as he lived intrusively in nature's domain, and in his pride, would allow his loved ones to go hungry on occasion. his odessy began with a vulgar attempt to satiate his bloodlust with the murder of an animal, all in a vane persuit of pride, & falsely under the auspices of providing nurishment for his family. His oddessy would begin in the vane pursuit of a false sense of pride & adventure, in the vulgar form of attempting to murder an animal, under the assumed pretext of providing nurishment for his family. the earth spued forth a vile & combustable black liquid, which Jed immediately knew would be the poisenous juice of those who would with his ill gotten windfall, jed fell into the perverted trappings of greed & excess, ultimately resulting in the alienation of his fellow neighbor. Who, in their jealosy of what they percieved as the newfound convenience of Jed's life, harassed him into abandonning his home. His family found themselves assembling their petty hordings into their cumbersom disproportionatleey large automobile His odessy would take hime too a land of beutiful yet evil people who fancied themselves more enlightened than others, who wasted horrendous amounts of water into concrete cavities cut into the earth for the sake of amusement, and made their fortunes pretending to be people they weren't.