Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My mood du jour... T Bone Burnett - The Wild Truth

Monday, April 7, 2014

What sort of actor would you want to be like?

What sort of actor do I want to be like? Well, there's; Klaus Kinski - It's said he loved his craft so much, that he was willing to do bad movies. I find it interesting that when he's remembered, critics like to point to the artsy-fartsy films he made in Europe (some of which, most of us have never even heard of), whereas fans tend to remember him for low brow sci-fi & horror flicks he made in Hollywood. Benny Hill - While most folks tend to remember the gratuitous bawdy stuff, always followed by an obligatory chase scene through the English countryside, I like to think of the structure of his shows. They would include musical & dance numbers, Musical guests, comedy sketches that would include funny solo monologs, dialogs, silent sketches, pretty much everything a variety show should have. And, speaking as a bald guy, I really envy his collection of toupees, and he rocked them all. Burgess Meredith - It's hard to explain; This guys had his effective performances & his ineffective performances, a mix of outstanding roles and "What was he thinking/Had to get the bills paid" kind of roles, supporting roles & cameos, as well as one truly bizarre cameo in Such Good Friends... I don't know why, but I'm always surprised to see this guy in anything. How 'bout you?