Thursday, December 5, 2013

80's Mandela poster

I first heard of Nelson Mandela when I was 19. I was working at ASAP Printing in Houston, when we got this last minute rush order to print up these posters. I had no idea who this guy was, but I thought they were pretty cool, so I stole one off the reject pile. It was a painting of a younger Mandela, with blood & sweat dripping from his brow. The background was the outline of Africa shaped from barbed wire that was consumed in flames, with the words FREE MANDELA written in flames (though, I can't remember if it was on the top or bottom). My Mom picked me up from work, & one the way home, told me who this guy was. When I got home, I flicked on the news, & GUESS WHAT? The client still had to pay for them, though, they sat on the OUTGOING shelf for a pretty long time.
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